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50 common sense of container logistics operation (middle) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-19
50 common sense of container logistics operation (middle): 2018-07-03 12:00:00 11. What is the difference between super high cabinet and normal cabinet? The ultra-high cabinet is 20 cm taller than the normal cabinet. 12. What type of cabinet does 'DC' represent? Weighted box 13. What do export goods mean? Carrying empty containers at the station to the factory for loading. 14. What does the imported goods mean? Do you carry heavy boxes to the factory for unloading at the station? 15. What does 'empty driving' mean? Refers to the empty container being pulled back to the station because the car cannot be loaded due to various reasons after the car arrives at the manufacturer. 16. What does the unloading mean? Refers to the present station pulling the box from this station to another station. 17. What does the bill of lading number refer to? Refers to the number of the back box given to you by the freight forwarder (the back box should be based on the ship name and voyage bill of lading number) 18. What is the equipment delivery order? What kind of work needs to use the equipment handover order? Imported goods must be processed for the equipment handover form, which contains the number, the lead seal, the trial period and the use of the box. The driver needs the equipment to be imported from a single-back box. 19. What is the box number? The box number refers to the box number, and each box has a number (now we usually have to carry the box and ask the driver to come and report it to the customer so that they can use it for customs declaration) 20. What does 'washing' mean? Refers to the washing fee incurred when the box is found to be unclean 21. What does the lead number refer to? Refers to the number of the lead seal on the door of the box 22. What does the letter of guarantee refer to? Refers to the box with the specified ship name, voyage number, and bill of lading number on the back of the specified ship name, voyage number, and bill of lading number issued by the shipping company’s container tube for this ship. 23. What does the station refer to? Refers to the place where the boxes are put on the dock to manage the boxes. The driver’s back boxes are all present at the station 24. What is on the bill of lading? What box should I use the original bill of lading? The contents of the bill of lading generally include ship name, voyage, bill of lading number, box weight, total number of cabinets, etc.; in Minggang and Donggang back boxes; boxes with the bill of lading number beginning with 'OOLU' must use the original shipping list 'OOLU'. 25. What is the invoice account? Refers to the unit, name, or payment unit on the first line of the invoice. You must ask the customer for the account, otherwise the invoice may cause the customer to not be reimbursed. 26. What should I do if I open the wrong invoice account? The situation should be explained to the station immediately, and the invoice should be changed. If you can’t change it, you have to stamp on the invoice account. 27. What does the delivery paper mean? Refers to the information about the ship’s name, voyage number, and bill of lading number sent by the shipping company to the depot. The ship’s name, voyage number, bill of lading 28, and how to check the instructions for unloading cartons and boxes can only be found in the paper yard. Call the station, give the name of the ship, voyage number, and bill of lading to the station, and ask if there is an instruction to unload the cartons. Can the box be backed 29. How much horsepower does the Jiefang car have? Generally there are: 160, 180, 210, 230 horsepower 30, how many tons of Jiefang Che can? How many tons can Steyr do? 160 horsepower within 50 tons, 180 horsepower small cabinets about 50 tons, large cabinets about 20 tons, 210 horsepower small cabinets of about 20 tons, large cabinets, 230 horsepower, about 40 tons of double-backed Starr generally can pull 46 tons , There are a few double backs that can pull more than 50 tons
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