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50 Common Sense of Container Logistics Operation (Part 1) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-01
50 Common Sense of Container Logistics Operation (Part I): 2018-07-02 18:16:00 1. What are the things that the dispatcher carries? Customer phone number, car owner phone number, car delivery form 2, what does the large cabinet mean? What is the small cabinet? What do the backs point to? 40×1’ 20×1’ 20×2’ (two 20-foot cabinets) 3. LCL, FCL means? ⑴. The goods of a box are assembled by several manufacturers, that is, the goods are loaded in several manufacturers. ⑵, loading in a factory. 4. What are the length, width and height of the container? Large cabinet: 12m, 2.34m, 2.34m, small cabinet: 6m, 2.34m, 2.34m5, what is the weight of the cabinet? What is the heavy box? The weight of the box itself, the heavy box: the box loaded with the goods 6. What is the heavy box on the back? What does falling heavy box mean? Carrying heavy boxes: carrying heavy boxes at the site to the factory for unloading, dropping heavy boxes: after loading the goods at the factory, dropping the heavy boxes back to the station 7. What does an empty box mean? Boxes without loading 8. Back empty box means? Missed box means? a) Carry empty containers at the site to the factory for loading, b) unload the goods at the factory and drop the containers at the site. 9. What kind of box does the half-open door refer to? The door of the box is a half-open box 10. What box type does 'OT' represent? Refers to an open top cabinet, that is, there is a tent on the box without the top of the box
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