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A car free carrier contact freight agent and difference

by:CNS     2020-04-09

The word 'car free carrier is freight agent has evolved by the United States, is a continuation of the nvocc on land. It means do not own the vehicle and is engaged in the carriage of goods by an individual or unit, and there are both connection and difference between 'freight forwarder'. From the point of contact of the two, they are in essence, function and asset purchase requirements and the same profit model. 'Car free carrier' and 'freight forwarder' are transportation intermediary organizations, the organizers are in the transport process, both is light assets operation, do not need special vehicle purchase, and both are the use of information asymmetry and earnings, are 'information Labour'. However, the 'car free carrier' and 'freight forwarder' again there is a great difference. First of all, the different legal status. 'car free carrier belongs to the category of the carrier, its business activities as a carrier to accept cargo, and to the actual carrier to entrust the carrier as the shipper, issue its own bill of lading, and shall be responsible for the safety of the goods. In 'car free carrier and actual carrier are liable for compensation for loss of goods, the two should be jointly and severally liable; The freight agent is authorized by the goods, the generation of the goods for transport of goods, belongs to the category of agent, its business activities are agent of the shipper to deal with booking, customs clearance, etc, are not responsible for safe transport of goods. Second, different status. Both are intermediary organizations, but 'car free carrier is between intermediary organization and the actual carrier, a form of forms, both of the two common characteristics. 'car free carrier and the shipper's retainer relationships, and is the relation between man and holder of bill of lading issued by consignee. Namely for the shipper, he is the carrier; And for the actual carrier, he is the shipper. Freight agent is entrusted by others dealing with service, and is the trustee's relationship with the client, the shipper and the consignee does not exist any relationship, and between the shipper and the consignee is introducer role. Moreover, different charge property. 'car free carrier as the carrier and the freight charges to the shipper. In the process of the whole transportation, 'car free carrier in charge after the owner of the goods freight, must entrust the actual carrier to complete transportation, and pay the freight, earning the freight difference; Freight forwarder is charge service fees. Whether earning freight difference, therefore, is to judge whether the operator of the car free carrier contracting business important basis. In addition, set up the conditions and approval procedures of different sequence. According to the rules, our country to establish freight forwarding enterprise implements the examination and approval system, made a strict requirements on registered capital scale. Among them, the business sea international cargo transport agency business, the minimum amount of registered capital is RMB 5 million yuan; Business aviation international cargo transport agency business, the minimum amount of registered capital is RMB 3 million yuan; Land international freight forwarding business, or express/' > international express business, the minimum amount of registered capital is 2 million RMB. If the freight agent enterprise to set up branches, each set up a branch, shall increase the registered capital of 500000 yuan. However, our country is a registration system for car free transport enterprises, rather than the examination and approval system, to set up car free transport enterprises only need to pay a certain amount of deposit. Established, however, can be seen from the above provisions, the condition of car free transport business operator is much easier than freight transportation proxy enterprise condition, and, by contrast, without the restrictions of the minimum registered capital.                                

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