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A dog can go international by air? How much is a dog?

by:CNS     2020-08-01
A dog can go international by air? How much is a dog? Many pet owners friends may encounter such a situation, when check the pet baby home or out of the city, the need to foster with friends and relatives. At this point, the pet may need to air freight. Some friends may ask: a dog can go international by air? How much is a dog? The answer is yes, pets can air transportation, including dogs, as long as they are not prescribed by the state cannot transport of dangerous goods. First of all, the air check pet has two methods: random inspection and separate inspection. Random inspection means pet owners can take their pets on the same flight, when master off the plane, the pet will be off the plane with them. Stay alone is pet the way of flight alone, this is suitable for pet owners is not convenient to carry the pet. Flight, however, the price of pet is not a fixed number, it has to do with the weight of the flight of pet and how long does it take to deliver them. The weight of each level and price will be different, that is, the heavier weight, shipping pet no kg price will be lower. For example, from guangzhou to hangzhou, about 3 45 kg. 5 yuan/kg, 100 kg about 3 yuan/kg. Less than 45 kg is about 4 - per kilogram 5 yuan. Random check in: pet baby will and other luggage be transferred out together, you don't need to pay the freight charge. Shipment: alone when the plane landed, due to loading and unloading of goods and arrange the order, it took about an hour to receive the pet baby. If you go to the airport freight departments withdrawal, you must pay the freight. According to the regulation of local airport, the follow-up service fees range from 5 yuan to 20 yuan.
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