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A: how many air cargo hub of China planning?

by:CNS     2020-08-20
A: how many air cargo hub of China planning? With predominantly passenger airport cargo transport business, compared to the advantage of professional air cargo hub airport, as the network center, logistics enterprises can form a strong network of radiation, the goods can be fast delivery. Air freight with multimodal transport ability; More concentrated on the one hand, due to the goods, the freight company can use large aircraft instead of small aircraft to transport goods, thus greatly save the consumption of jet fuel. Nowadays, the logistics industry to realize the importance of professional air cargo hub. A: how many air cargo hub for China's plan? At the international airport of the council of the 2018 world airport cargo throughput of 20 rankings, the United States and China is the world's two largest economies, the 2018 world airport cargo throughput of 20 rankings to occupy seats. Most of the time, in the United States, there are six seats. There are five seats in China. Among them, the Hong Kong international airport, is ahead and is worthy of the name of global air cargo hub. Shanghai pudong international airport, Taipei taoyuan international airport, Beijing capital international airport and guangzhou baiyun international airport have made the list. UPS Courier company has invested heavily construction & other; Throughout the world port &; , which is located in the United States in louisville, Kentucky, aviation logistics transit center. Today, & other; Throughout the world port &; Is the world's main logistics transit center, as well as UPS fleet air base. Located in leipzig, Germany DHL freight transit center is one of the world's third largest airport. Here gathered mail and parcel of all over Europe, start from here, sent to Italy, Britain or Asian China Hong Kong, Singapore and other places. At a cost of $1. 5 billion in May 2019, amazon hub to break ground, is expected to officially put into use in 2021. It is reported that the hub near the hub of the world's top cargo airlines. Amazon is planning to further control and reduce the UPS logistics. Dependence on USPS etc, so as to cut costs and speed up the delivery. Last year, amazon announced that it had reached an agreement with two aircraft leasing company, sending packages around 40 aircraft will be used in the United States. In the future, with the development of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology, the separation of passenger and cargo airport will accelerate further, there may be more professional and air cargo hub. Professional air cargo hub is built to solve key problems which jingdong airport and yuantong jiaxing airport's position is quite superior. The Yangtze river delta is covered with 1. 400 million China's consumption population, its market conditions is second to none. From the point of regional landscape. Yangtze river delta large bay in external networks and internal radiative zone hinterland in China plays a & other; Two sector & throughout; The role of. From the point of view of China's express delivery business, the current domestic and international express delivery of more than 40% concentrated in the Yangtze river delta region.
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