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A jettison, how to do?

by:CNS     2020-12-15
2016 - 05 - 20 00:48:00 almost all shipping company deal increased so a ( Abandon cargo clause) : party a: forwarder party b: party a shall ship company guarantee shipment of the goods to the port of destination, the consignee will according to the local normal customs declaration brought goods program, in a timely manner to the carrier or agent of the carrier in order to receive the goods, and local related crane unloading, storage expenses, such as delayed delivery/refused to pick up the goods and/or abandon the goods, party a is responsible for by local law, destruction, andthe auction the goods or for other ways of disposal, and return the container. Party a agrees to party b a reasonable estimate of the expenses generated by the front ( Including but not limited to the return, destroy, unloading, storage, etc. ) Advance payment to party b. The agreement of party a, such as the port of destination delayed delivery/refused to pick up the goods and/or jettison box demurrage, and the consignee refuse to undertake cases, by party a according to party b the port of destination to pay or compensation for lag box box demurrage fee. The port of destination box demurrage calculation time is: from free box end date to the date of actual of return. Forwarder baby heart wronged ah, but what can you do that? Jettison problem, and begin from fountainhead, then look at the solution. Why traders to jettison: 1. Consignee for import goods before goods quality, market price fluctuations, sales of unfavorable reasons such as refused to pick up the goods; Because of the receiving firm or disappeared, no one to pick up the goods. 2. Shipper for not receive payment, refused to b/l to the consignee that the consignee will be able to take delivery. 3. Because the port of destination customs clearance data not complete cause problems customs clearance, can't normal delivery. 4. Due to special conditions cause the goods to the port of time much more sharply than expected, the consignee refuses to take delivery. 5. Other trade disputes. two Encounter jettison how to deal with 1. Jettison the news of the general from the shipping company has confirmed, Because of the goods at the port of destination to pile up too long) 。 Once the consignee confirm jettison, need shipping company provide destination port local jettison operation requirements and process flow, facilitate trade both sides handle relevant matters relating to jettison. Because of different countries, different product jettison processing methods and requirements are different. 2. Jettison consignee, the shipper have to find the destination other buyers. In the local find other buyers can reduce the processing cost, as far as possible the return is more economical than jettison or directly. 3. If you cannot find the suitable replacement buyers, only on the return or value discretion to choose whether or not the local destruction and auction. Need to pay attention to, in some areas and countries even if consignee jettison, if required by the consignor, andthe need the consignee's written authorization, the more difficult. 3. Abandon the cost of the goods after 1. The port of destination port storage charge and handling fee. 2. Shipping company are box related surcharge fee and the port of destination. 3. Goods for destruction, destruction of fees and relevant fees. 4. Goods such as need to return, in addition to need to pay more ( 1) ( 2) Fees, will produce the port of destination after export all related cost and freight. 5. In case of jettison auction after the local customs, may produce the auction items above shortage deduction ( 1) ( 2) The balance of fees. Four. After jettison of the cost of liability is not belong? The port of destination delay delivery, refused to pick up the goods, due to jettison all relevant expenses, and the consignee refused to accept, all shall be borne by the shipper.
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