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A lot of foreign trade dealer refused to use what is the cause of the air transport

by:CNS     2020-08-03
Many foreign trade dealer refused to use what is the cause of the air transport air cargo refers to the customer or the foreign trade of goods through the air transport company will be efficient and profitable goods shipped to the destination. Air freight to transport, storage, loading and unloading, processing, sorting, distribution and information have a combination of planning, form a complete set of supply process, multiple integration to provide users with comprehensive services. Air transport is also called the plane transport, it is in the air flying lines and airport under the conditions allow, using the plane as a transport vehicle for cargo transportation mode of transportation. Air transport in the transportation industry in our country, the freight volume accounted for the proportion of the national traffic is relatively small, mainly to undertake or long-distance passenger transport task, but with the rise of e-commerce and logistics, with the rapid development of air transport in the aspect of freight will play a more important role in the future. The main benefits of air transport is very fast transportation, able to deliver the goods can be shipped to the destination in a few hours, but the transport of small reason lies in its transportation cost is on the high side. A lot of foreign trade business considering the transportation cost is higher so chose the other mode of transportation, but with lower jet fuel prices in recent years, the transport cost is much smaller, a lot of foreign trade business also started to use air freight to transport goods, believe that the future mode of transportation of the air transport will be preferred.
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