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About 2019 air freight market information with you

by:CNS     2020-08-15
You know with 2019 air freight market information in a short span of a few years China's aircraft leasing from & other; Rush & throughout; Evolved into a & other; The red sea & throughout; Market, the domestic aircraft leasing company & other; Perfect & throughout; , but they have been looking for the so-called & other; Differentiation competition & throughout; Way to go. The international market have a layout ( Bank of China, such as rental, ZhaoYin lease) , have focused on old aircraft ( Such as xiamen lease) , focusing on the helicopter, Such as the lease) Recently several leasing company. Exploring the ships leasing market opportunities. Civil aviation administration of the nearest 96th document also explicitly encourage and support the establishment and development of all cargo airlines, this is just right, so I want to have a chat to relatively & other; Small & throughout; The cargo market. Global air cargo market and cargo ship fleet, obviously in recent years, the growth of the global economy and international trade are facing severe power shortage, the relevant air freight turnover mail ( RTK) Nature has good fruit to eat, especially in the first quarter of 2016, RTK negative growth for the first time since 2013, makes everyone worried about the future of air cargo market prospects. Air freight accounts for less than 1% of the world's cargo traffic, but 35% of the value of the goods. It is not difficult to understand, because the plane transportation is usually have high value and high limitation of goods. Provide capacity for the air freight market, not only including special cargo planes, include aircraft abdominal compartment, winch provides more than 50% of capacity. In the area between the air freight market ( Such as Europe - Asia/North America - Asia) , cargo shipping market share of more than 50%, can reach more than 75%. But in recent years to increase the capacity of the main from the cabin, because the plane deliveries in recent years is more than the delivery of cargo quantity, especially for a new generation of wide-body aircraft belly space also increased. Since 2009, global cargo aircraft fleet has remained at around 1700, 2015 of the 1770 stands of freight. From the point of industry revenues, 90% of income in air freight from freight, passenger cabin of freight revenue is only 10%. Freight market overall weak demand, but since the first half of 2015. A drop in oil prices has led to original & other; Will be in the market & throughout; Some of the cargo back into the market, exacerbating the excess supply. The natural result is cargo vessel cubed out and the number of days. Utilization rate continued to decline, the average goods cubed out at about 45%. Subsequent, nature is gradually deteriorating profitability. Since 2011, the air freight business units earnings continue to fall, and there is no rise trend.
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