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About air cargo of two broad categories: what is the difference between chartered flight transportation and transportation

by:CNS     2020-08-16
About air cargo of two broad categories: what is the difference between transportation and charter flight for many cross-border e-commerce businesses, to the provisions of the timeliness of relativity is higher, faster, and domestic air because its supply ship safety accurate, good price international express and widely application. Today I give everybody to share professional knowledge about international air freight logistics. There are two means of transport of air cargo: chartered flight transportation and shipping price. 1, the flight transport ( ScheduledAirline) Flight transportation means have a fixed time, channel, considering station, the port of destination, and stop the airport. It is commonly mixed double with the airport, small amount of cargo and freight according to the market change of relativity is very large. But, because of the stationary sailing time, allocation of transport sought-after products can be beneficial to the customers. Also has some large and medium-sized international airlines on some channel operating freight logistics flights on time, and applied to the whole transport delivered. The flight transportation classification: transportation can be divided into passenger and cargo flights. 1) Passenger ( CombinationCarrier) : is commonly mixed double fly, generally in the main cabin with passengers, the tank with goods. Therefore, cabin volume small, the transportation of goods is mainly small and medium-sized said goods. 2) All cargo ( AllCargoCarrier) : the main tank and the lower tank are used to transport goods. The airport number have a letter in English & other; F“ 。 All conveyor design scheme is generally for container equipment cabin, set in the airport passenger cabin bottom roller and stationary system software, put container plate can be placed and shipping containers. The flight characteristics of the transportation 1) Flights because fixed route, stationary harbor, and all the advantages of normal navigation, the international transport of goods circulation of commodities efficiency high, can security, quickly arrived in countries around the world. 2) Flight dynamic real-time according to the website search, the sender can grasp the precise goods and time of arrival, for many sellers have to the efficiency of the stock management method is very useful. 3) Flight transport is generally mixed blending, interior space is limited, a lot of goods can't shipping immediately. General transport must be phased in several times. Flights transportation flight is have a lot of limitations, because the airport transport capacity is limited. 2, chartered transport price ( CharteredCarrier) Refers to international airlines, according to the definition of the commitment and interest rates have sublet the whole frame at the airport to one or several charter operators, price and goods from one or several air station transportation to a specific station. Charter transport price suitable for bulk cargo transport, cost is less than the flight on time. Charter transport price classification of the price of transport can be divided into two types: the whole charter part price and the price. 1) The whole machine prices, in other words, is refers to the international charter all airport aviation company according to the standard and cost and commitment to the lessee in advance, will all aircraft leasing to charter price, shipping goods from one or several airports to reach the station. Must pay attention to is that the charter price generally in one month prior to contact the international aviation goods transportation company apply for the right of navigation, facilitate international air freight company to transport distribution, and toward Lu Fei airport and relevant government agencies to apply relevant entry or immigration formalities. 2) Part of the charter price by several air logistics enterprises or the sender synergy chartered a plane or by international airlines sell a plane each of the positions of several logistics enterprises loading goods transported by air. Should pay attention to is that although the price of some charter has a fixed timetable, but because the other, they usually can't landing on time, so the time relativity is longer than the other. In addition, governments around the world department in order to maintain the rights and interests of the country's international airlines, for more from charter price of the business process of foreign international airlines to develop all kinds of limits. Such as the theme of the charter price activity category is relatively narrow, limited landing address. In a specific address outside the landing, be sure to apply to the local government related department before landing permission for. The characteristics of charter flights price shipped 1) Processing flight position not enough problems. 2) Reduce the damage, shortage or loss of status; 3) All products by the charter price away, and several of the save Labour when the province of multifarious delivery; 4) Fill is not part of the direct flight is not enough, without having to transfer station.
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