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About the shipping of dangerous goods

by:CNS     2020-04-30
First of all, to understand whether the dangerous goods, need to judge in a particular environment. Table tennis as a sport, for example, fitness equipment, its itself is not dangerous when use, but its in sea transport process, there is a certain risk of transportation; And pesticides, for example, its itself attribute exists in the danger, but it does not have clear rules in the transportation requirements. Understand the meanings, we can respectively for hazardous goods attribute and transport link is qualitative. At present, the school ( Full name: Shanghai chemical industry research institute) , commodity inspection bureau can be attributes of goods that the final issue the official MSDS report, this would explain why sometimes it also provide the MSDS, but the customs still requires the sampling test, we have learned, now many so-called MSDS is not from official, some are the owner to fill out and print, or intercept MSDS etc of the same products on the Internet, its authenticity and accuracy, so the customs intensify auditing is easy to understand! Have any dangerous goods itself is not its transit transport dangerous delimit equal-sign, the agencies are now on the market if the official can decide whether the goods in the transportation of a particular environment belongs to the dangerous goods? When it comes to this problem, we need to look at the first booking process of dangerous goods, dangerous goods shipping exports generally need owner's 10 working days in advance will shipping books, dangerous goods packaging using single appraisal results, dangerous goods packaging specifications and MSDS fax responsible for helping the shipment forwarder company, then there is against these documents from the forwarder to maritime safety administration for cargo declaration, then according to the maritime bureau issued by the cargo declaration and packing certificate to send shipping company to ship to declare. Visible through the dangerous goods packaging using single appraisal results and dangerous goods packaging specifications can determine whether there is a risk in the process of carriage of goods by. Currently on the market, however, what are the main professional agency can issue the certificate of the two? Small make up asked the professionals, for your reference, the current measurement on the court, ( Full name: institute of metrology) A certificate issued by the official and the commodity inspection bureau can, for example, on the court and commodity inspection bureau, MSDS for the dangerous goods, dangerous goods packaging use technical appraisement. Have proved the above said several, after booking link basic can smoothly, the next is to declare to the customs. We need to declare to the customs submit the following: 1, invoice; 2, packing list; 3, customs declaration orders; 4, export customs declaration; 5, cargo fact sheet ( People need to be written to introduce the goods delivery purposes, and has the characteristic, etc. ) ; It is important to note: according to the above documents, and according to the cargo declaration, box titles such as customs declaration, and a container shipping mark must be clear, and consistent with the declaration. In addition, you also need to get the attention of people is due to the dangerous goods is the boat straight, so usually 3 days before the ship open packing. Within the owner can choose to delivery to the dangerous goods warehouse, or to the factory packing, owner of the goods under this way need to ready the goods in advance, after the packing of goods, must around the perimeter of the container put a big danger, if the loading of the goods once xie will on Marine pollution caused by the leakage, needs to be labeled as markers of Marine pollution, at the same time take photos. Through the above the entire process of combing, believe you should be able to understand what items need to be aware of the dangerous goods declaration. Obviously, for dangerous goods, the declaration to the customs and compared with the ordinary goods is not much change, the key lies in the early stage of the booking and declare to the maritime safety administration, shipping companies, so suggest the owner can in advance to prepare relevant documents, to ensure that the follow-up customs clearance smoothly!
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