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According to the reasons of the empty container, through research to find out the feasible way to optimization of empty container transportation, the container empty containers from multiple cases of port

by:CNS     2020-05-01
1. Mutual cooperation between liner companies for shipping company, through the alliance and cooperation between the shipping company can enlarge the scale of shipping companies operating, share the container. On the main trade routes to establish a variety of network, so that all the shipping company to each other to carry out activities in box, so that the empty box is more efficient mobile container ship company. Because every company in the port or supply of goods shipped and box needs are constantly changing, some companies the backlog of container may be other liner companies box demand larger place, on the basis of careful planning can allocate to each other to achieve a win-win or multi-win. For a container of interoperability between different liner companies cooperation, will improve the partner of container equipment utilization rate, reduce the empty container transportation, container management cost. Such as coscon actively with K - The box Line, YangMin and Hanjin shipping company cooperation, greatly reduces the cost of empty container transportation; At the same time in the suitcase to the other shipping company need to box area, solve the problem of the lack of cases. 2. Ship company and container leasing company alliance cooperation between the shipping company can sign the leasing contract with a container leasing company, adopt flexible container leasing, according to the requirements of actual box, points, or lack of box in dispatching the high cost of ports and regions of the container, and in the closet will spare container returned to the container leasing company. So that both can meet the needs of the box, and save the storage charge and empty container transportation fee. Shipping company can also do 'secondary container leasing', namely the tenant container again relet out. Some only have sporadic cases relet out temporarily, and others made a massive rental program. Container leasing companies use the vacant space of a route of the ship that container liner company more efficient mobile empty container. Container leasing company can also comprehensive management all the containers, container liner company it is for small container liner companies can reduce costs.
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