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Advantages and disadvantages of each kind of import and export goods transport method

by:CNS     2020-05-23
Export goods can choose air, sea, sea rail transport, railway transport, etc. The transportation ways. A, air. 1. Advantages: shipping time is short, less suitable for cargo, and require the goods time is tight. 2, weakness: the price is too expensive, greatly increased the cost. Second, by sea. 1. Advantages: the freight is relatively cheap. 2, faults: long transportation time, influenced by the weather, cannot undertake to inland countries and regions. Third, rail and sea. In terms of the recent, by means of the iron transport is the most cost-effective. Reason: the rail intermodal transportation time is long, little cheaper than all the railway transport, freight is general and since in the east of port accumulation, so shipping time is really can't guarantee anything, so I'd better not choose the iron transport now. Fourth, all railway transport. 1. Advantages: fast, small load is bigger, affected by the climate, the accuracy and continuity is strong, short transportation time, convenient railway network, the transportation is quite flexible. If the export commodities to Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, turkmenistan, north Korea and other countries of the goods, the railway transportation is the best choice. 2. Disadvantages: due to the logistics cost has been high, so compared with the shipping, all the cost of railway transportation still has a little high.
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