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Advantages of air transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The advantages of air transportation 2021-06-20 11:03:081) Fast delivery. Compared with other methods of transporting sheaths, fast transport speed is the most significant feature of air transport. The speed of modern jets is about 20 kilometers per hour, which is about 7 to 12 times that of cars and trains, and 20 to 30 times that of ships. In a modern society that places great emphasis on time value, speed is a special advantage that no other means of transportation can match. 2) Strong mobility. The aircraft flies in the air, and its transportation routes can not only cross oceans and seas, but also over mountains and ridges, without building roads and bridges, digging tunnels, and without occupying a large amount of land; aircraft flying is basically not restricted by geographical conditions, and can fly almost all kinds of Natural obstacles, you can reach places that are difficult to reach by other modes of transportation. Therefore, the mobility of air transportation is also an advantage that other modes of transportation cannot match. Especially in the implementation of emergency tasks such as rescue and supply of disaster areas and first aid to remote areas, air transportation has become an indispensable means. 3) High security. Compared with other modes of transportation, the management system of air transportation is strict and perfect, and there are fewer intermediate links in air transportation. Therefore, the chance of accidental loss during transportation is much less. The flight of modern jets is quite stable, and the damage rate of Shangjing is also relatively low. According to the statistics of unit cargo turnover or unit flight time loss, the safety of air transportation is higher than that of any other transportation methods. 4) The basic construction period is short and the investment is small. From the perspective of various conditions, the development of air transportation only needs to purchase airplanes and build airports. Compared with the construction of railway leased roads, the construction period is short, the area is small, the investment is low, and the results are quick. According to calculations by relevant personnel, when a transportation line is established between two cities 1,000 kilometers apart and the cargo capacity is the same, the investment in the construction of the railway is 1,6 times that of the opening of the route, and the construction period of the railway is 5 to 7 years. The route only takes 2 years. 5) Low requirements for packaging of goods. Because the flight stability of the aircraft and the use of the automatic landing system can greatly reduce the rate of cargo damage, the packaging requirements for air cargo are usually lower than other modes of transportation. This article is from 863 reprinted please keep
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