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Advantages of container shipping

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The advantages of container shipping 2021-06-20 15:49:48 are the same as the general cargo liner transportation, and the container general cargo shipping is also the liner shipping method. It has the following advantages: (1) Fixed routes and shipping schedules. Container shipping has the characteristics of fixed routes, schedules, ports and rates, which is beneficial to the transportation of small batches of groceries (less than carloads). (2) Saving packaging costs. Since the container is a fairly strong metal (or non-metal) box, the packaging strength of the boxed goods can be weakened and the packaging can be simplified. Some even do not need to be packaged. The unpackaged transportation of groceries can be greatly saved. Packaging costs. According to statistics, when TV sets are transported in containers, the cost of factory packaging of TV sets can be saved by 20%. (3) Reduce cargo damage and cargo difference, improve cargo safety and cargo quality. Because the container itself is a solid and sealed box, after the cargo is packed and sealed, there is no need to unpack and reload on the way, one ticket to the end, even after a long distance It is not easy to damage the goods in the box during transportation or multiple replacements. Container transportation can reduce cargo damage and poor cargo caused by theft, moisture, and pollution. According to our country's statistics, the use of trains to transport glass is generally damaged as high as 30%, but after switching to container transportation, the damage rate drops to 5%. In the United States, the similar transportation damage rate is less than 0.01%, and Japan is also less than 0.03%. (4) Expand the group unit, improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, and reduce the labor intensity. In the loading and unloading of goods, the larger the unit of loading and unloading, the higher the efficiency of loading and unloading. At the same time, due to the high degree of mechanization of container loading and unloading, each shift requires loading and unloading The number of workers is small, and the labor productivity of each worker is greatly improved. According to statistics, the efficiency of pallet grouping is 20-40 times higher than that of a single piece of cargo, and the container is 15-20 times higher than that of pallets. If calculated according to the amount of loading and unloading per unit time, the loading and unloading of ordinary cargo ships is generally about 35 tons per hour, while the loading and unloading of container ships can reach about 400 tons per hour, and the efficiency of loading and unloading has been greatly improved. (5) It is easy to organize multimodal transportation. When container transportation is changed between different modes of transportation, there is no need to move the goods in the box but only need to change the container, which improves the efficiency of the change operation and facilitates the combination of different transportation methods. transport. During the reloading and transshipment, the customs and relevant supervision units only need to seal or inspect and transfer the goods, thus improving the transportation efficiency. (6) After being packaged from the factory or warehouse of the inland consignee, the 'door-to-door' goods that are conducive to shipping can be transported to the consignee's factory or warehouse through different modes of transportation by sea, land and air. 'Door-to-door' transportation services can be realized, and there is no need to change or unpack in the middle. 1286
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