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Advantages of Railway Development in Modern Logistics Industry

by:CNS     2021-07-05
The advantages of railways in the development of modern logistics industry 2021-06-20 14:22:13 (1) Policy advantages Railway transportation is the main artery of the national economy. For decades, the country has been giving a high degree of care and support to the development of railways, which is protective in the industry. Measures, financing for railway construction, technological transformation, and the policy environment for railway reform are beyond the reach of other non-state-owned enterprises. (2) Network scale advantage The modern logistics industry is an industry with a large initial investment, which requires a large amount of network operation investment. my country's railways rank among the best in the world in terms of total quantity and density, and the railway network covers the whole country. Lines, site 1 warehousing, and sites constitute the physical logistics network required to engage in modern logistics. At the same time, the railway has been built and invested in multiple sets of information systems involving railway transportation, operation and management. These developed road network communication capabilities and information management systems have built a well-founded information network platform for the railway. The advantage of network scale has established the dominant position in the railway logistics market. Among the top 50 logistics companies in China in 2011, 6 railway companies were shortlisted. These logistics companies have accumulated a certain amount of experience, funds and talents in the field of logistics, and have created their own brands in the logistics competition and occupy a certain market. (3) The location advantage of railway freight yard to become a logistics (distribution) center is determined by the characteristics of the logistics industry itself. It is more appropriate for the logistics (distribution) center to be located in a place with convenient transportation in the suburbs of the city. Most of the railway freight yards are located in the suburbs of large and medium-sized cities, and have strong railway transportation support. Therefore, this advantage of railway freight station creates favorable conditions for it to become a logistics center in the plan when the competent government department plans a national logistics center or a regional logistics center. (4) Resource advantages Railway's huge asset advantages, technical equipment advantages, customer resource advantages formed by years of marketing, brand advantages of certain products, and good social business reputation advantages. The management experience and talent advantages accumulated over the years are the railway The basis of logistics development. The primary goal of the development of railway logistics is to complete the transformation from a traditional logistics enterprise to a modern functional logistics enterprise. On this basis, based on the advantages of scale, actively develop high-quality logistics services, and then integrate the two organically to complete the transformation from functional logistics. Logistics companies develop towards third-party logistics with integrated logistics.
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