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Advantages of shipping

by:CNS     2021-07-12
The advantages of ocean shipping 2021-06-20 22:18:20 (1) The transportation capacity is large in maritime cargo transportation. At present, the world's largest super-giant oil tanker has a cargo capacity of more than 600,000 tons, and container ships have reached 5000 ~6000 TEU (10,000 TEU containers have appeared in our country), ore ships have a cargo quality of 350,000 tons, and sea cargo transportation uses natural waterways. If conditions permit, it can be transformed into the most advantageous route at any time. The carrying capacity of my country's top fleet has reached 30,000 tons, which is 6-10 times that of railway trains. Guangzhou to Anqing Logistics is almost unlimited in its passing capacity on the fairway with good transportation conditions. (2) Low energy consumption. Within the same transportation distance, water transportation (especially sea transportation) consumes the least energy in terms of transporting goods per unit (such as 1 ton). (3) The unit transportation cost is low-the transportation cost of sea transportation is 1/25~1/20 of railway transportation and 1/100 of road transportation. Therefore, sea transportation is the cheapest transportation method, and it is suitable for transportation costs. The transportation of raw materials and bulk materials. (4) The endurance is greater. A commercial ship sails, carrying fuel, food and fresh water, which can last for dozens of days, which is by no means comparable to any other means of transportation. Merchant ships also have various facilities for independent living, such as power generation, fresh water production, grain tanks for storing large amounts of grain, and oil tanks. (5) High labor productivity Due to the large carrying capacity of ships and fewer crews, the labor productivity of ships is high.
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