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Air cargo agency business gradually to the internationalization development

by:CNS     2020-07-23
Air freight agent of the company's business gradually to the international development of the airport air cargo is mainly specialized in flight security, they are affected by various factors such as manpower, material resources, it is difficult to directly in the face of numerous customers, deal with shipping before and after shipping multifarious services, which will require air freight agent company for airlines, export freight, material, issue a waybill, collect freight, import dredging port, customs clearance, inspection, delivery, transfer, make the airlines can concentrate, to do their own business, further explore the air transport. Air freight agent company to air transport link and mostly are very familiar with the relevant rules and regulations, and with the airlines, airports, customs, commodity inspection, all relatived inspections, quarantine and other transport departments have extensive and close contact, at the same time, Shanghai air or have branches all over the world, or have agency network, able to timely contact, to grasp the whole process of transport of goods, therefore, entrust a air freight forwarding company to handle import and export cargo transportation is convenient. Through the Shanghai air freight company to adapt to the needs of some special goods, such as fresh seafood, activities such as perishable goods, due to the nature of the goods itself particularly high to the requirement of time, this kind of goods can only use air transport; In addition, in the modern society needs enterprise timely respond very sensitive to the change of the market, enterprises consider is not only the production cost, time cost to become a very important factor in costs, such as product orders for production, clothing listed in time and obtain higher profits, and so on and so forth, it needs the powerful support of air transport can be implemented.
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