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Air cargo companies have their own transport equipment to provide clients with quality services

by:CNS     2020-07-22
Air cargo companies have their own transport equipment to provide clients with high quality service with the deepening of the reform and opening up in China and the increasing of international trade, the international air cargo business is growing rapidly, and I therefore shipping also need some air freight in terms of primary skilled personnel, the existing air transport of goods on the market at present aspects of the teaching material basically is the prerequisite to the reform of the air. Air freight including various aircraft types, capacity will change obviously. If airlines carry passengers and cargo, passengers booking in the last minute and relevant space and weight must be taken into account. Cargo weight will cause the fuel weight difference, resulting in the reduction in flights carrying heavy load capacity. Environmental challenges may also play a role. Shanghai air cargo is as good as a tool to different passenger flights. This leads to the cargo revenue management workload doubled, because there is no return trip. Moving goods may also require multiple contact synchronization, including flights, trucks, regulatory security checks, different loading and processing requirements, special services, such as temperature control and the specific time limit. These must be incorporated into the revenue management, in order to make the right decision, in line with the client agreement and generate profits.
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