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Air cargo demand what is the cause of the decline for 6 months!

by:CNS     2020-08-04
Air cargo demand what is the cause of the decline for 6 months! The outbreak of a trade war with China triggered a series of chain reaction, such as tariffs, market and order. Recently, the asia-pacific aviation association director general Andrew Herdman says a trade war with China air cargo demand for Asian airlines has a negative effect. It is reported, Asian airlines are the main participants in the air freight, about 40% of the total share of global air freight. At present, the effect of a trade war with China has spread to other countries, and began to destroy the other Asian countries to the global supply chain. Specific performance is what? 1. Global cargo demand negative international air transport association ( IATA) Global air cargo market, according to data released in April, down 4 global cargo demand. 7%, continuing the negative growth trend since January. At the same time, demand for airline in the asia-pacific region fell 7. 4%. The sixth consecutive monthly decline. At the same time, the British European and trade uncertainty caused by a trade war with China, new export orders fell, the next few months the phenomenon of weak exports may continue to exist. 2. Freight company's falling profits, chief executive and IATA director-general Alexandre DE Juniac said: & other; Asia is a trade war or direct victim of trade protectionism, because most of the goods or goods in Asia or from Asia to the rest of the world. Before this, the international air transport association predicted that Asia Pacific airlines profits will reach $35. 5 billion in 2019. Under the influence of a trade war with China, IATA estimates for Asia Pacific aviation company profits will decline in 2019, is expected to reach 2019 for Asia Pacific aviation company profit of $28 billion. Compared with $30 billion in 2018 fell. To this, Andrew Herdman says, profitability in the second half of the year Asia Pacific airlines is still unpredictable. This means that the airline in the asia-pacific region must consider their buying decision, to determine whether or not they want to change the direction of the supply chain and to diversify the sources. ” It is very difficult for them, because the political volatility will make a lot of strategic decision is invalid. ” 3. Other costs increase in addition, the Herdman added, for Asia Pacific aviation company is faced with other challenges, including fuel prices, higher costs, but the carrier will not cost transfer to passengers, it will squeeze the profits. The difference is that the Qantas Qantas CEO Joyce said for Qantas's two largest economies in the world has yet to affect the trade between the struggle. “ Qantas is expanding its market share, and leisure market in Australia is very strong. Overall, we are seeing the most healthy revenue environment since 99. ”
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