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Air cargo export business process

by:CNS     2020-05-14
Business process 1. Market freight enterprise need to export units on the company's business scope, service projects, the charge standard, especially to the export unit introduced preferential freight rate of the company, to introduce our company service advantages, etc. 2. Commissioned by the shipper to fill in freight check book. Checked the book should include the following NaRongLan: shipper, consignee, of departure airports, destination airport, request line/apply for booking, declared value for shipping, value for customs declaration, insurance amount, handle matters, bills of lading in attached file, the actual gross weight, freight rate category, chargeable weight, rate, the name and quantity of goods, the shipper signature, date, etc. 3. Documents review documents shall include: invoice, packing list, check books, submit the monomial, foreign exchange verification sheet, license, inspection certificate, feed/processing verification and cancellation of this agreement, claim/repair, to guarantee the seal. 4. Dock planner pod agent summary of entrust and customer forecast, and enter the computer, is calculated for each route number, weight, volume, according to the requirements of customers and the goods weight, bubble, according to the airlines and the weight of the different models for different crate height requirements, formulate dock planner tank solution, and the waybill number in each shipment. 5. Booking cabin agent according to the specified dock planner module scheme, according to the flight, date, print out the waybill number, number, weight, volume, the airline booking class. 6. Accept the shipper or its agent to accept documents have verification and check books and to submit the documents and receiving documents. Will check invoices and receiving documents, make operating receipt, fill in the various declaration documents received copies, to give each receipt with a total waybill or air waybill. Will make good receipt, with total waybill or air waybill, hand over documents making declaration documents. 7. Fill the waybill air waybill including total bill and waybill, fill the air waybill is the main basis of international cargo delivery to provide a power of attorney, a power of attorney on the content should be embodied in the freight on the monomial, general use English. 8. Accept cargo to receive the goods, it is to point to air freight proxy company, the goods will be shipped from the shipper hands and delivered to your warehouse. To receive goods in general and orders at the same time. For by air or rail from the mainland to exit the export goods, the freight forwarder according to the shipment waybill number, flight number and the date of receiving the location taking the goods on its behalf. As the goods have been in the provenance of export customs formalities, the shipper shall be provided at the same time starting to customs clearance. Response when receiving the goods for weighing and measurement, and according to the invoice, packing, or shipping list inventory goods, and quantity of goods, commodity, contract number and shipping mark, is consistent with the listed on the waybill. 9. Mark and label mark: includes the shipper, consignee name, address, contact telephone, fax; The contract no. , etc. ; Operation ( Transport) Note; The piece goods in excess of 150 kg. Tags: airlines label three digits represent the code of the carrier airlines, after eight digit is always waybill number. Tag is agent company to issue a points of identity, points should be on the label tracking number and the goods arrived in the city or airport three characters code. A posted a airlines label goods, there are points waybill of the goods, and then stick a label. 10. Stowage plan to check the goods, weight, volume and the actual number of check book forecast quantity difference. The effective use of booking space, plate box, reasonable collocation, according to the machine, plate box type, height, number of flights for loading.
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