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Air cargo transport formalities, 2)

by:CNS     2020-05-29
5. Must be prescribed by the state insurance of the goods, the shipper should be checked when the insured risk of carriage of goods. 6. The shipper of goods, shall be in accordance with the rate prescribed by the competent civil aviation authority to pay the freight and other fees. Except otherwise agreed by the shipper and the carrier, freight and other charges shall be Yu Chengyun into one full payment when cargo waybill issued. 7. The carrier within 24 hours after the goods to cargo location within the consignee the arrival of the notice, the consignee should be timely and taking the goods to the designated place on the strength of the delivery certificate, the goods from the day following the arrival of the notice, the free storage in March. Where the consignee delays in extraction, beg the safekeeping fee should pay business tax on transportation rules. 8. The consignee when the goods, the goods to fall by the wayside or weight not dissent, and in the waybill receipt, the carrier is lifting transportation responsibility. 9. Because of the carrier into the fault or intentionally, thereby causing loss to the shipper or the consignee, the shipper or the consignee ask for compensation, should fill in the transport of goods in the day after the accident record 1180 10 days, put forward in writing to the carrier, and attach relevant documents.
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