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Air cargo transport formalities, A)

by:CNS     2020-05-29
1. The shipper goods consignment note shall be filled to the carrier delivery of the goods, and according to the national departments in charge of the attached necessary documents effectively. The shipper is responsible for the consignment note to fill in content authenticity and correctness. Fill in the consignment of goods by the carrier to accept the shipper, and by the carrier through a waybill after the contract of carriage of goods by air is established. 2. Requires the synthetic jet transport goods, the shipper should be chartered application form and the carrier agree to accept and sign charter transportation agreement, the contract of carriage of goods by air charter is set up, sign the agreement when individuals, shall abide by the provisions of the competent civil aviation authority on charter transportation. 3. To check the goods, the shipper shall, in accordance with the formulated by the competent department of the state of the packing standard; No uniform packaging standards, shall be based on the principle of ensure transportation safety, according to the nature of the goods and load the plane condition etc. That do not meet above requirements, the carrier shall have the right to refuse carriage. 4. The shipper must be checked on the condition of marked station, station and the units of the shipper, consignee. Name and address, display the packing storage index mark in accordance with state regulations.
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