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Air cargo transport of dangerous goods packaging regulations have?

by:CNS     2020-07-21
Air cargo transport of dangerous goods packaging regulations have? Because of the dangerous goods safety, air cargo for many international airlines have their own security requirements, and formulated the requirements of the company. Next on air transport company for you to the rules of the air freight of dangerous goods packaging. For example, Air China has requested: & other; Country of origin of goods must be packed all risk. Strictly forbidden to separate packaging. Must use belongs to class I, class II and class III packing liquid risk of the goods. Suck the raw material to draw on all packaging. Iran's international air freight company requirements: & other; Don't accept contains different packing elements or the serial number or type of the loophole set packaging of dangerous goods. ” It also requires: & other; All packaging and the packaging logo must be in English. If their countries of origin requires the use of languages other than English, which can identify the two languages must also conspicuous. Requirements: Saudi Arabia international airlines & other; If the ship equipped with risk of liquid products less than 60 ml, do not contain infectious substances and equipped with radioactive materials, must be in a composite use directional marks on the package and single packaging. If such dangerous goods has a major and minor risk, and only the means of transport on the parcel transport, is Singapore airlines do not accept this kind of dangerous goods packages. Is very strict with the air of dangerous goods. Safety risk of air cargo transportation technology standard of dangerous goods without proper classification, and regular file is qualified. Have proved that it has packing, with gimmicks, accompanied by sign and comply with the provisions of this standard. In terms of transportation, no one can produce or accept the international civil aviation transportation. If a lot of people in accordance with the provisions of this standard refers to the supplier or the shipper of aviation dangerous goods, must perform their duties in accordance with the provisions of this standard. Is not in conformity with the provisions of the standard, all of us can not by air, dangerous goods packaging is not in conformity with the provisions of the standard manufacturing, production and processing, the identification, maintenance or repair, everyone can't tag label, brush picks, evaluate or consider the provisions of this standard to show application. Risk if some goods do not conform to the technical standard, but the quantity is less, can be regarded as & other; Total column outside risk goods & throughout; 。 These types of risk limits on the total number of goods, and also in the packaging level specified. The international civil aviation organization to be able to successful use of dangerous goods transport requirements, the overall goal of beyond such requirements depends largely on the risk of related personnel attaches great importance to and understanding of such requirements, so to participate in the transport of dangerous goods, systematic and repetitive learning training for the first time. There are 13 training content, including at least two related to the level of packaging, another is & other; Packing & throughout; 。 The second is & other; General packaging regulations & throughout; 。 The two courses of training needs for the sender and regional agents, contractors, workers, and to accept the goods area agent of the shipper, and shipper of goods on the application process. Regional agents will register for the exam, after the training, will conduct a test and obtain qualification certificates, to confirm the test has been successfully concluded. During the period of 28 months, it is necessary to repeatedly learning training of previous study and training, to ensure that the latest news and professional knowledge.
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