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Air cargo warehousing formalities and preparation work before receiving

by:CNS     2020-07-21
Air cargo warehousing formalities and receiving the preparation work before the Shanghai air freight company will have special staff responsible for booking space. In the early days, paper book is the main method. With the development of network information technology, most of the air ticket booking personnel are now using the online booking. Air freight booking will need to provide detailed information of air cargo, including volume, gross weight, quantity of the goods and packaging type ( Mainly include cardboard, iron box, cardboard and wood) 。 In addition to the above information, the name of the goods, Including Chinese and English) Must be written clearly. If the goods is by air, it is necessary to indicate the length and width, Unit: cm) 。 Then you must determine the airline flight marks and space. If the owner have special requirements, air cargo agents and Shanghai air freight company to negotiate. In the end, Shanghai air freight company must determine whether can meet the special requirements of the shipper. After received the air waybill and ticket booking sheet, the owner must carefully check before entering the warehouse flight booking information. Operators must first check with the customer delivery and the consignee, and airlines and British goods. Operators should be according to the flight situation and readiness of goods to arrange the goods into the warehouse time, and filing data connection. Urged customers to ensure that the outer packing of the goods are in conformity with the previous registration, and the outer packing is in good condition, in order to avoid air freight company Shanghai refuse, complete prepare customs declaration materials and random file. Customs declaration materials and random file should be delivered with the goods to the airport, or delivery of the goods before delivery to airport customs department. The preparing work before the warehousing formalities and receiving when the goods into Shanghai air freight company freight station, people entering the warehouse should be ready to waybill, safety certificate and air label, to get into the warehouse. After the goods arrived in warehouse, they can check the goods in good condition, label the outer packing of the goods, and weighing measuring size. Recorded and preserved. According to the airport weighing list provided after the goods into the warehouse, as a representative of Shanghai aviation freight company, according to the weight of the weighing list size, making the original air bill of lading. A copy of the original waybill shall be submitted together with the other filing materials as filing to declare to the customs. Customs clearance documents against payment: in the audit and after finishing the guest provides a full set of customs declaration documents, customs department will be in production and send the file after the original set of customs clearance documents sent to the customs in writing center. If the file is no problem, it will usually be released within two hours. If the file you have any questions, it will need emergency contact customer to provide the relevant documents. Otherwise, the cargo will be delayed.
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