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Air cargo weight

by:CNS     2020-05-16
Air cargo freight calculation is made by single kg rate times the goods & other; Kg & throughout; Number to determine, but here & other; Kg & throughout; Number refers to the chargeable weight kg goods, chargeable weight in kilograms is not necessarily equal to the ordinary people to understand the goods through the scale according to come out on the number of kilograms, sometimes, the number of kg with metric scale & other; Quantity & throughout; Come out. Chargeable weight is according to the physical weight of the goods and goods & other Volume weight & throughout; After the comparison, choose the plan. Physical weight good understanding, is to weigh out the weight of the goods in the scale, and what is the goods & other; Volume weight & throughout; ? Because the plane carrying cargo hold capacity is limited, when airlines freight charge, in order to balance the relationship between the actual landed weight and the volume of goods of goods, by the international air transport association ( IATA) Unified identified & other; Volume weight & throughout; The standard formula. The volume of air freight cargo weight ( Kg) The volume of goods (= Long ( cm) × Width ( cm) × High ( cm) ) / 6000, that is to say, 6000 cubic centimeter volume of goods is equivalent to 1 kg to calculate the freight, conversion, 1 cubic meters volume of the goods shall be calculated according to the 167 kilograms of freight. Choose the big billing according to the physical weight and volume weight principle, if the goods are the proportion of small and per unit volume is larger, such as cotton, woven handicrafts, etc. , you should measure the volume of the goods, according to the above formula to calculate the volume and weight, then, the actual weight and volume weight of the goods, choose the large as the chargeable weight, multiplied by the single kg rate freight receivable. This way of volume weight of billing applies to air express company, each international express parcel after fedex transit center, have to go through the RPP (such as TNT Courier company 新枝保护方案) After system testing, such as optical scanning, volume weight of global information system will be automatically recorded Courier company, and after the comparison with the physical weight, by choosing the billing.
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