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Air Courier has a long-term development 'strategic cost consciousness'

by:CNS     2020-07-29
Air Courier has a long-term development 'strategic cost consciousness' carrier service pattern, do not need to stock up in advance of delivery mode. Customers don't need to stock up, our customer service consultants offer, customers agree to packing the goods shipment within 12 hours will door to door, provide two services, distribution and customer service, reduce customer transportation pressure, door to door service. Air express service 24 hours shift, both varieties of goods, transport rules are very professional. The first one is to consider for the customer cost, always at the lowest cost and the fastest speed to make plan for the customer, air cargo early within 12 hours, ordinary shifts 24 hours, land transportation in 24 hours, the timing of 24. Air transportation company to strengthen the enterprise cost management consciousness of the employees. Expanded work from the department of logistics management to reduce costs to the enterprise of each department, and from the whole life cycle of product development, production, sales, logistics cost management, make the enterprise staff has the long-term development & other Strategic cost conscious & throughout; 。 Air Courier | / service/guojiabanjiajiejuefangan
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