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Air Courier will play an important role in terms of the freight

by:CNS     2020-07-29
Air Courier will play an important role in the freight by air Courier is a door to door logistics activities with mail function, refers to the Courier company rapid delivery of goods to the customer by way of air transport. In many ways, air than the postal service is superior. In addition to more quickly to arrive and need to sign for delivery, air transportation company now also offers email tracking, delivery time commitment and other services for the customers. Air express transportation in transportation industry in our country, the freight volume accounts for the proportion of traffic is relatively small, mainly to undertake long-distance passenger transport task, along with the rapid development of logistics, air transport will play an important role in terms of the freight. Air Courier speed & quot; Fast & quot; , this is the biggest characteristic of air transport and advantage. Modern jet, cruising speed is 800 ~ 900 km/h, 5 ~ 10 times faster than cars, trains, 20 ~ 30 times faster than a ship. The longer the distance, air transport can save the time, the more rapid characteristics is more significant. Air Courier 丨 ( /新闻)
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