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Air express international express a kind of, isn't it

by:CNS     2020-07-29
Air delivery is not a kind of international express? We speak before too many topics to discuss about the international express delivery, but also mentioned by air Courier, why we want to separate the two things for? Air delivery is not a kind of international express? This is, in fact, there are some differences between, make us to explain what is detailed by air Courier! ! ! ! First, air express is not necessarily the international express delivery, international express is borne by the professional logistics company shipped, each international airlines and air express is the additional services, we usually don't accept small, acceptance of goods by air Courier at about 40 kg above, this is a great difference between the international express and air Courier. There is another difference is the international express delivery enterprises generally all send you to the door, and air Courier services has to door service, also is to have to port/airport, only to invite, the actual must be based on international airlines to analyze. We mentioned express has a service project is air bag, the air bag is equal to the air Courier? Not like that, a kind of air bag still belong to international express, just name like air express, air parcel weight is 2 - general 30 kg, and air express provisions of beginning and ending net weight is much higher than the air parcel. So how do airfreight actual operation? Air Courier have a stage is booked, it is important to like people by plane, the goods are to be booked first can distribute mail, and this book storehouse stages, I can't solve, be sure to agent, international airline is not the acceptance by air Courier order warehouse. Therefore, if in need by air Courier services, you need to consult customer service, learn the professional knowledge about air express and search the price, eventually book distribution warehouse.
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