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Air express logistics is to transport the goods for many famous enterprises

by:CNS     2020-07-28
Air express logistics is transport goods by air Courier for lots of famous enterprises of logistics is to transport the goods for many famous enterprises, is the only designated logistics provider many trade company, because of our service, regular customers bring new customers, because our power, many of his peers to ask us for help. Air freight for the passenger express agent, can have their own aviation association number ( Such as: 08 XXXX) To get the ticket electronic ticket ( Domestic level 2 500000, international level 1. 5 million) , settlement once every 3 days, can have their own original black eterm system, office number ( Such as: pek XXX) , can receive blank travel, can direct and major airlines signed the authorization, etc. Air express big background, can provide door to door air express service. But by air Courier air transportation network in a timely manner the door receiving, can also be at the airport to the nearest shipment. At the same time welcome the air express transportation logistics company with Allies. Air Courier 丨 ( /服务)
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