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Air express on June 7, the chongqing = Moscow international air routes

by:CNS     2020-07-27
Air express on June 7, the chongqing = Moscow international air routes to strengthen economic and cultural exchanges between China and Russia, to carry out learning general secretary & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Peak BBS spirit of important instructions, air express on June 7, the chongqing = Moscow international air routes, as the first direct flight to chongqing Moscow routes, the route of the opening of marked the goods transportation capacity in southwest Shanghai air freight company to achieve rapid development. Along with our country opening to the outside world scale increasing, our country's share of the air Courier market is also growing. It is understood that the international express delivery from 2010 began operating freight business, started in 2011, goods traffic volume has reached 30000 tons a year, and freight volume growth rate has been keep growing at 50% a year, just amazing development quickly. Beginning in 2010, began operating abdominal compartment air express cargo transport business. In recent years, also use their route and guarantee the safety of air express, complete assigned by the government at all levels many times to carry munitions and supplies. The reporter understands, Shanghai air freight company 2016 goodies for all three. 0. 89 million tons, in various international air routes capacity, is expected to 2017 necessities quantity up to 3. 9. 17 million tons. At the same time, the reporter learns from the port of the chongqing municipal government management office, at present, chongqing flights international routes is gradually speed up the shipment speed. Predicts 2020, chongqing port will amount to 100 the total international routes. At present, in addition to the chongqing = Moscow routes, tianjin aviation also opened in chongqing chongqing, chongqing = = Auckland international routes, such as London and chongqing = phuket has travelled across three continents, made outstanding contributions to chongqing import and export trade. “ The chongqing = Moscow international routes opened, the Shanghai aviation freight company to expand in eastern Europe freight market is of great significance. The route through the chongqing to Moscow's goods business channels, increased the goods transportation capacity, freight market laid a solid foundation for the development in chongqing eastern Europe. Let more overseas companies see the development of chongqing overseas transportation of sincerity, will attract more foreign to chongqing investment construction. ” Shanghai airlines said freight company to the relevant person in charge of Marketing Department. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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