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Air express quickly occupy the market, obtain good economic benefits

by:CNS     2020-07-25
Air express quickly occupy the market, obtain good economic benefits greatly shortens the time of the goods in transit and air express for those perishable, deterioration of fresh goods; Timeliness of newspapers and periodicals, strong seasonal, seasonal goods; Emergency rescue, emergency goods transport, air express this characteristic is particularly prominent. In today's international market competition is intense, quick service provided by the Shanghai aviation freight company also allows the supplier to respond to rapidly changing foreign market immediately, quickly occupy the market launch of marketable products, obtain good economic benefits. Air express receipt range are two main types of files and packages. One file is mainly refers to business and a variety of printed matter, general requirements for package gross weight not more than 32 kg ( Including 32 kg) Unilateral or package no more than 102 centimeters, the trilateral addition does not exceed 175 cm. In recent years, with the air transport industry more competitive, Shanghai air freight company to attract more customers, the requirement of package size tends to relax. Shanghai airlines freight company | ( /优势)
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