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Air freight and cross-border electricity traders common development market prospect

by:CNS     2020-07-20
Air freight and cross-border electricity traders common development market prospects wuliang according to customs data, in 2018, through China customs cross-border electricity business management platform to realize the import and export goods total 134. 7 billion yuan. It is estimated that by 2020, China's cross-border e-commerce will account for over 40% of the foreign trade. Facing the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce market, air cargo companies should rely on their own resources advantages to choose business model with its ability to match. So as to maximize the use of resources and markets. Determine the target customer and market orientation is determined. In the face of many large cross-border electricity business competition, air freight business should be combined with their own situation, area, and the route network layout, a clear market positioning, differentiate themselves. First of all, to clear customer resources and the target group. May mainly developing specific groups, such as airline members and large corporate clients. Second, pay attention to the target customer, grasps the terminal customer data, conducting market research. Finally, the difference of the selected cost-effective products. Products are integration of overseas high quality source of goods, ability and clearance distribution of resources. To provide clients with comprehensive cross-border e-commerce services, provide comprehensive cross-border e-commerce logistics transportation services. At present, in order to further meet the needs of end users, air cargo companies generally present a trend to raise the capacity of the entire service. In cross-border e-commerce business, therefore, suggest air freight company give full play to the advantages of hub network. Focus on the development of cross-border logistics business, provide cross-border logistics line of products. , also arranged for ground operations, customs clearance, the ground distribution services, provides the door of the integrated logistics services, realize the whole logistics chain seamlessly. Actively expand cross-border e-commerce trade services business. In perfect cross-border e-commerce on the basis of comprehensive logistics services. Air cargo companies can take advantage of the further development of cross-border trade e-commerce logistics advantage. On the basis of the specific product market positioning, develop high quality products, rich products, international brand guarantee from mining, make full use of their own space in the hub the advantage of comprehensive management, speed up the origin direct mining & ndash; Flight transportation & ndash; The ground operation & ndash; Customs and quarantine & ndash; The shipping transportation service at the whole chain. To provide customers with origin direct products. Major business focus on the core, to improve the overall service cooperation. In cross-border electricity business information services, although through self-built electric business platform, can fully control over sales, companies have very strong autonomy, but lack of terminal air freight company customer data. And information-based business is not air freight company's core competitive advantage. Therefore, it is recommended that the air cargo companies and large electric business platform to carry out strategic cooperation, through the flagship store form in well-known platform, thus saving the cost of pre-construction, play the role of electric business platform flow import.
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