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Air freight, as China's economic development plays an important role

by:CNS     2020-07-18
Air freight as China's economic development plays an important role on October 1, 1949, the founding of new China, the development of civil aviation of China opened a new chapter. From that day on, the new China civil aviation chaoyang took off against the republic of China, from scratch, since the childhood, from weak to strong, has experienced remarkable development. Air freight as an important part of civil aviation in China, in the past 70 years, as China's economy continues to grow, it plays a more and more important role. Air freight scale on November 2, 1949, the Civil Aviation Administration of China was founded. At the beginning of the new China civil aviation small and weak foundation. Only 12 small planes, three international routes and nine domestic routes. In 1950, China's civil aviation passenger traffic is only 10400 people, goods is 0. , 10000 tons of goods turnover is zero. 0. 1 billion tons. In 1987, China international airlines, China Eastern airlines, China southern airlines, southwest China, northwest China and north China airlines established six national backbone airline. At the same time set up the civil aviation north China, east China, central south, southwest, northwest and northeast six regional administration. And Beijing capital international airport, Shanghai hongqiao airport, guangzhou baiyun airport, chengdu shuangliu airport, xiguan in xian airport and shenyang taoxian airport. On October 11, 2002 China aviation group co. , LTD. , China Eastern airlines group co. , LTD. , China southern airlines group co. , LTD. , China civil aviation information group, China aviation oil group co. , LTD. China aviation supplies import and export group company was formally established. Civil Aviation Administration of China has seven regional administration and 26 provincial safety supervision and management of the office. Airport management is according to separate government functions from enterprise management and region management. In 2018, China's civil aviation passenger throughput of 61. 200 million, goods or 738. 262, 50000 tons of goods turnover. 500 million tons. Compared with 2002, the annual passenger throughput, cargo and mail volume and cargo and mail volume is average. The growth rate of 13%, 8. 4% and 10. 7%. By the end of 2018, the civil aviation registered fleet of 3639 was the first time the country was founded 300 times more than the number of aircraft. In 2018, the number of China's civil aviation airport is increased to 235 from 1978 in 78. In January 2019 to August 2019, due to the weakening world economy and trade protectionism, the influence of global air cargo market continues to negative growth in 2018, and China's air cargo driven by strong domestic demand continues to implement the same period last year. Smooth, far more than the development of the global air cargo market.
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