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Air freight between compared with other types of freight advantage

by:CNS     2020-07-24
Air freight compared with other types of freight advantage between China has the world's largest airport, also is the world's longest mileage to high-speed rail lines, China's economy is growing rapidly. In terms of economic growth, it is still the world's first echelon. At the same time, China's population is the highest in the world, its power consumption potential than it. The logistics market is huge. When choosing high-end transport, aviation and high-speed rail has its own advantages. The transportation cost, transportation cost is usually the carrier ( Freight company) Or the owner to consider one of the main factors, but the carriage of goods by air cargo transportation costs are usually because of time, the transport distance, such factors as the type of cargo. For example, from guangzhou to urumqi, guangzhou to Beijing freight is different; Transportation electronics and the condition of refrigeration products are very different. We give an example to illustrate in January of 2016, China railway group corporation subordinate of the guangzhou railway group to high-speed rail express business, every day from guangzhou south railway station, shenzhen north station to changsha south railway station, 15 tons of shipment according to media reports, high-speed rail transportation cost is about 1. 5 yuan/kg, the air freight rate (than the same direction, the approximate period of time 2. 0 yuan/kg) 25% lower. This preliminary appeared at a huge cost! As we know, high iron eight carriage as a marshalling, also have improved high-speed rail models more than this number, such as & other Throughout Renaissance & #; 16 carriages for a marshalling, and each section capacity of passenger cars in 15 tons, equivalent to about a Boeing 737 cargo aircraft, the total transportation if high-speed rail freight wagons, equipped with professional capacity will be bigger, or scale advantage is more obvious, for cost reduction is self-evident. 2, the transport time professional organization's research shows that when the transportation distance is less than 750 kilometers, high-speed rail transport transport time advantage is obvious; When transportation distance between 750 to 1050 kilometers, the transportation time quite; And transportation distance is greater than 1050 km, air freight time advantage is obvious. In other words. Time for high-speed railway transportation advantage is more obvious in China's main economic sectors, such as jiangsu - Zhejiang - Shanghai Yangtze river economic sectors, Shanghai as the leading, Beijing beijing-tianjin-hebei economic sector to play a leading role, the Yangtze river economic sectors and guangdong. Gulf of Hong Kong and Macao large sectors of the economy. To sum up, the air freight on international, intercontinental transportation time has irreplaceable advantages, suitable for transportation life-saving medicines, have time limit requirements of drugs, fresh fruit and vegetable products, electronic products and high added value, Such as APPLE mobile phone, etc. ) 。 High-speed rail freight at this stage in the bud stage, the future unlimited; Highway transportation is still keep the land cost advantage, water transportation and shipping is suitable for large low cost is a prerequisite for transport.
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