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Air freight cargo and abdominal compartment who wins in the market

by:CNS     2020-07-20
Air freight market in cargo and abdominal compartment who wins with the changing of air cargo environment, mix all airlines and freight airlines launched a series of interesting cooperation, to take advantage of the cabin capacity. Cargo airlines, for example, Luxembourg and the united Arab emirates air cargo company, united airlines, Lufthansa airlines and all Nippon airways cargo company, international airlines group freight and Qatar airways and air Canada cargo capacity and Cargojet company for the passenger compartment and combination. On the other hand, air France & ndash; KLM group, Lufthansa and air cargo companies such as Singapore airlines have reduced the number of cargo, and Japan airlines has completely grounded cargo aircraft. 。 Some insiders said, however, did not reduce the amount of cargo airlines and even increase the freighter capacity, are now benefit from the growth of air cargo market more. Cathay Pacific, for example, could be seen as a different type of air freight. “ Stop when the other cargo airline flight widebody freighter and thin body, cathay Pacific airlines continue to build large-scale freight route network. ” Yedrey said, & other; Although the abdominal compartment of the goods is very important, but cathay Pacific like combined abdominal compartment and cargo capacity. The reason is that because there are many different kinds of air cargo, we have more advantage than other airlines, can flexibly to seize business opportunities. ” Did well in 2017, cathay Pacific freight, cargo demand is strong, the freight is growing faster than capacity growth. The growth in 2017 until the first quarter of 2018. Cargo traffic increased by 7. Only 8%, while the capacity increased by 4. 7%, cargo and mail ton-km income is increased by 7. 7%. The explosive growth of electronic commerce makes the mixed airlines in general air cargo market dominance, and fast fashion products, electronic products and consumer goods is driving the growth of air cargo demand. , according to the personage inside course of study in the past few years, sales of e-commerce retail sales proportion continues to grow, the future will continue to increase. There is no doubt that abdominal capacity can better meet the needs of this part of the market. However, there are still an important issue, at any time, particularly in the transportation of special goods and super gauge cargo, cargo becomes very important. So, despite the mixed airlines competition is intense, but the whole cargo airlines have their own competitive advantage, such as greater doors and more flexible flight time. All-cargo airline handling special goods in different ways, and to ensure that the process designed for such goods. In addition, they also run some driven by cargo demand rather than the passenger traffic routes, and a little of the course.
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