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Air freight cargo in noc ( CCA) The purpose of the

by:CNS     2020-07-23
Air freight cargo in noc ( CCA) Use of departure, destination or stopover found air waybill, air freight is the statement of postal freight calculation errors, and cargo, mail when the carrier to have passed on the way, should fill in & other; The goods ( Mail) The freight change notice & throughout; The CCA, notice of departure. Of departure after confirmation for air freight collect freight to notify about destination, the carrier, the waybill airline financial department and & other Air freight clearing postal unit & throughout; 。 Carrier by air waybill, aviation postal statement and sharing goods freight change notice to deal with the freight and settlement. The carrier have the same origin to fill the open & other The goods ( Mail) The freight change notice & throughout; After, can according to the adjusted freight settlement issues, pay the freight waybill used to handle the settlement in combination with the original waybill. Cargo freight change notice ( CCA) Purposes, with the following: 1. Used in the process of transportation, because of the shipper or carrier ( Or its agent) Work error, have the goods shipped from the same origin, need specific freight amount or method of payment by the carrier and change of goods. The station after the related department to agree and confirm that the power supply, it will fill in the freight change notice ( CCA) And make corrections. 2. Fill in the reason, 1) The shipper in written form puts forward change the transportation or the manner of payment request, a written application by the carrier. ( 2) The carrier due to atmospheric, mechanical failure, embargo and other reasons rather than voluntary changes caused by transportation fee and change the mode of payment. ( 3) The carrier found after the error cost listed on the air waybill, it will notify the other carrier in detail. ( 4) Multimodal transport carrier found after the error cost listed on the airway bill, it shall notify the carrier of make out an invoice and the detailed information about other related to the carrier. ( 5) In air transport of goods not listed in the expenses incurred in transit, will inform the other related expenses of the carrier. ( 6) The destination of the goods, if the carrier as unclaimed goods to related fee, you can send & other; Unclaimed notice & throughout; After a month's notice the carrier. If the goods returned to the starting station and fill the air waybill, you do not need to fill in the CCA. 3. The league of the distribution of the number of copies CCA should according to the number of sending department to determine, but should have at least five portions, of departure, the oil sector ( Ask) , finance department, the destination site and the carrier, and at the same time, according to the number of goods transport increased the CCA replications. To each department issuing CCA, enclosed air waybill.
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