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Air freight company accord with standard of international transportation

by:CNS     2020-07-22
Air freight company in line with international standard air freight packaging requirement is very strict, goods no nudity, accord with standard of international transportation. The cases it is best to export cases ( Such as plywood, mixed plate, etc. ) Had better not made wooden logs, many countries is there a limit on the original wooden case) Large, overweight ( Gross weight is greater than or equal to 60 kg) , general to play. In order to use forklift. The tray touches the ground should be flat. The shipper after received the airway bill and air booking, air freight company to check carefully, before the goods into the warehouse, need to check your booking information. The operator must first check with the client a good shipper, consignee, and airlines, in English the name information. Air freight company to confirm the shipping space the goods didn't go there may be several reasons, the baggage over budget ( Generally unlikely, airlines) And delivery goods in time after the most late delivery time ( The way to and explain the customers? ) , customer goods late, too late delivery. ( Responsible for customer, but need to arrange shipment as soon as possible flight, so that customers will be satisfied) 。
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