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Air freight company for you to explain the importance of the air waybill

by:CNS     2020-07-30
Air freight company for you to explain the importance of the air waybill by or on behalf of the shipper, the shipper should be air waybill and shall be the aircraft on the carrier routes between the shipper and the carrier of the contract of carriage. The air waybill shall not transfer, belongs to the air waybill belongs to air transport companies, such as transfer air transport enterprises. The use of the shipper of the bills of lading is the shipper or its agent to use one of the most important transport document. Its function overview is as follows: it is a contract of carriage between the carrier and the shipper; This is the carrier's receipt of written evidence. This is a transportation settlement certificates and receipts. The carrier on the basis of the whole goods transport goods transport organization; Is the international documents of import and export goods customs clearance. This is the insurance certificate. Responsible for the air waybill is responsible for the shipper is responsible for the air waybill. The shipper shall be responsible for the shipper the correctness and completeness of the contents. Since the shipper content is incorrect or incomplete, the shipper should be responsible for the carrier or the loss of the others. According to the civil aviation act of the People's Republic of China 'the provisions of article 113 and article 113 the shipper shall present the original three of the air waybill, together with the goods to fill in the carrier. The air waybill does not conform to the requirements or loss of the air waybill shall not affect the existence or validity of the contract of transport. The air waybill shall limit the shipper can only by the shipper at the same time, same place: one or more pieces of shipment, and the carrier will be the same consignee checked to the same destination. IATA members shall not print can be any transfer of air waybill, will not delete or change the shipper & other; Non-transferable & throughout; The phrase. Found that damage to the goods delivery people objection shall be immediately cause obvious damage to the goods, and shall be filed within 14 days after receipt of the goods; The rest of the damage to the goods shall be made in within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, goods in free control within 21 days from the date of submission, non-delivery of the goods must be in fill in the shipper within 120 days from the date of submission.
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