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Air freight company including those all explain special goods

by:CNS     2020-07-30
Air freight company on special goods are what are special goods is due to the nature of the goods itself, value, volume or weight and is limited by the special goods in transit. Explain what special goods are including the air company. A, personal items of hand baggage with other cargo baggage and articles is an important difference between the shipper and the consignee is usually the same person. Other air cargo is different from the consignee. International flights on the luggage comparing with other goods on international flights, by customs or customs declaration is relatively simple. Second, the valuables valuable commodity usually refers to individual number less than 0. 1 cubic meters, more than 8000 yuan worth of goods. When air freight company to transport the valuables, must be in the air waybill & other; The nature of the goods and quantity & throughout; Indicated in the bar & other; Precious cargo & throughout; With the words. Valuable goods also have special requirements for packaging. Hard valuable goods should be packed in wooden cases or in tin box. They must be strong, can not be used in paper packaging, because paper packaging easily stolen, does not meet the safety requirements. In order to ensure safety, the transportation of valuables more expensive than ordinary goods transportation, so the valuables freight is higher than general cargo. Third, have a strong smell of sulphur, sesame oil, garlic concentrate, some tropical fruit has a strong smell. Once the goods not closely packed, damage or leaks, they may spread to other goods. May be difficult to remove the smell. Seriously, the plane will fly can't normal in a few days. Damage is amazing. Only when the strong smell is cleared, the plane will fly. Therefore, strong scent of goods must be packed very well, the packaging should not leak any things. Four, live animals live animals of air can also be simply interpreted as pets. Refers to the live poultry, wild animals, laboratory animals, amphibians, fish, insects and other animals to transport. Transport of live animals is the key to ensure that animals in the transport of all stages in good condition, ensure that animals and keep the good condition to its destination. The air is divided into five categories (live animal Class) : amphibians, birds, shellfish, mammals and reptiles. Five, the fresh perishable items fresh and easy rotten goods refers to the normal transport conditions likely to die or bad goods. For example: aquatic products, seafood, vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat and other perishable food. Fresh and easy rotten goods often need special transportation and storage measures, such as refrigeration, freezing, moisture, heat and cool, fresh and not qualified to ensure that the goods. Six, wet wet goods refers to contain liquid ( Dangerous goods except) Or can produce liquid due to the nature of the goods. For example: the liquids in the sealed container. In an airtight container in the wet goods, such as packing in ice fish or aquatic shells. Can produce liquid objects, such as living animals. Due to wet liquid may pollute the aircraft or other goods, so the transportation damp goods must conform to the air moist special provisions of the company, such as the packing must be leak proof. Many wet commodities is also fresh and decay. These damp goods shall meet the requirements of fresh perishable goods transportation at the same time. Seven, large goods oversize or overweight goods standard varies according to the flight model. Large goods refers to the air must be loaded in two or more air pallets of goods, or due to the volume or the weight of the goods must be made of special processing equipment, processing of the goods. Air overweight cargo usually refers to more than 150 kilograms of piece goods. Each project of the ceiling depends on the type of aircraft and responsible for the transport of the airport facilities. To on the flight cargo transportation, cargo related departments need to fill in the captain's notice. If there are dangerous goods in flight, an emergency, the captain can report to the department of ground by the captain's notice dangerous goods disposal plan. Shanghai airlines freight company, is a professional engaged in international logistics airfreight service agency. Shanghai air freight company since its establishment, committed to provide efficient and quick for airfreight customers of Shanghai air freight service. Air transport company is committed to providing customers with high quality air cargo, aviation logistics and air Courier services! And provides the international air freight price query, consultation telephone 021 - 62110304.
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