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Air freight company introduction to air waybill four what is action

by:CNS     2020-07-30
Air freight company introduction to air waybill four function is what air waybill is subject to approval by air carrier or the owner of the air waybill. This is the carrier received the receipt of the goods, is the carrier with the carrier transport in the middle of the agreement, but do not have property rights credential feature, which can't be the transfer of air waybill. So what is the effect of air waybill? A contract of carriage of goods, goods and international sea waybill is not the same, air waybill is its own shipping and forwarding companies in the middle of the contract of carriage of the goods, the transport of goods import and export trade in high efficiency is confirmed, laws and regulations, and the goods arrived in particular arrived at the station, the effect of air waybill also is so. (2) the carrier acceptance check payment details airfreight shipping company believes that because of the air waybill above their record with the consignee or consignor must bear the cost of, respectively, thus can air waybill as the carrier acceptance check according to the payment details. Three, air waybill is one of the declaration documents by air gateway is, in the export customs declaration hollow waybill as an integral part of one of the declaration documents. In addition also has the packing list and tax bill for export customs declaration documents, and air show ensure single up the export declaration for goods. Must also be natural fusion of the shipper, allowing the show other qualifications, such as 3 c authentication. Four, the mode of transportation, cargo information on behalf of the original copy of airway bill in triplicate, each one with opposite, one for shipper, a carrier store, finally a is as airfreight document with goods, to the goods arrived in particular arrived at the station, convenient recipient can customs clearance of goods immediately. Goods that will be established on the air waybill information, transportation and other common problems of these.
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