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Air freight company to make the interests of the investors to achieve long-term and efficient

by:CNS     2020-07-22
Air freight company to make the interests of investors to obtain long-term and efficient air transport between the carrier and consumers of a service exchange activities. Air transport category, as a new kind of transportation is only hundreds of years of history, from this year the product of the production process in the process of circulation, product shape is the displacement of the transportation of objects in space, through the air transport users buy complete its product attributes. Air transport can be divided into domestic transportation and international transportation, aviation passenger transport, baggage and cargo transport and other categories. Air freight is the use of a civil aircraft air transport carrier from QiYunDian transport the goods to the prescribed destination, and the passenger, consignor or consignee pays the fare or freightage contract. The contract refers to the parties to participate in the activities of air transport, including the carrier, the passenger, consignor and consignee. The contract the parties is a right subject, and compulsory subject, its rights and obligations are equal. Air transport companies strong cyclical industry, affected by economic fluctuations and emergencies. Industry volatility, but even civil airport infrastructure industry as the air transport industry, the cyclical fluctuations is relatively flat, income and long-term growth and stability. Civil airport industry at the same time as the infrastructure industry in national economy, has brought to the attention of the state and society, funds, policy support and development priorities. Civil airport industry in China will continue to get the support of national industry and the rapid growth of fixed asset investment benefit, make investors get long-term benefits.
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