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Air freight compared with ordinary express what are the differences?

by:CNS     2020-07-24
Air freight compared with ordinary express what are the differences? Air cargo in many ways and traditional services for air cargo and postal services have similarities, but as a professional business, it has its own unique characteristics, main performance in the time. An air cargo, operators mainly used in the form of consolidation, or entrusted to air freight agent directly by the shipper. After the goods arrive destination, the place of delivery, head of the air freight agent will transfer the goods to the consignee. In addition to the airlines involved in the business, it also rely on the air freight agent to assist. Most business air cargo airlines are multinational companies. The company built a global network through wholly owned or joint venture. Air Courier delivery is basically completed in multinational company. International postal through the upu postal service cooperation with most countries in the world, through the cooperation between two or more national postal authorities provide mail. Second, receiving traditional air freight business scope mainly is given priority to with trade in goods, the quantity of each package not less than 5 * 10 * 20 cm. The postal service is based on private letters. The weight of each package no more than 20 kilograms, length of not more than 1 m. The scope of the air cargo mainly includes two kinds of documents and packages. File is primarily concerned with business documents and all kinds of printed matter. For package, no more than the total weight of 32 kg ( Including 32 kg) Or the outer edge of the outer packing is not more than 102 centimeters, the trilateral does not exceed 175 cm. As the airline industry growing competition, express companies tend to relax the packing size in order to attract more customers. Three, the organization form of traditional postal transportation theory is relay transmission. Most of the air freight company to use the central distribution theory or dial-up theory to organize global network. Say simply, express company according to the actual situation of their business set up distribution centers in central area ( 中心) 。 From all over the country to collect the goods according to their regional distribution and loading of the plane. In the evening, the plane fly to the distribution center, everyone exchanged express and fly back. The next morning, the local branch will express mail sent to the recipient's desk. This approach does not appear to be reasonable, reduce the intermediate links, but due to the central distribution theory express process simple and clear, reduce errors, improve the operating efficiency, shorten the time of delivery, it has been proved to be economic and effective. Fourth, the use of air using the bill of lading documents, postal parcels, air freight transport documents also have their own unique, proof of delivery ( POD) 。 Proof of delivery in quadruplicate. The first joint stay at the origin, for export declaration; The second joint attached to the surface of the goods, the recipient will sign for the goods receipt ( The name of the certificate of delivery) 。 But usually express mail recipients to sign the express company to provide delivery record, and keep the link. Article 3 the link used as the foundation of the express company internal settlement, The fourth links as the reserved for the sender, the sender certificate joint print can be used as the basis of mutual rights and interests, and dispute resolution after such dispute occurs.
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