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Air freight for the future development prospects

by:CNS     2020-07-19
Air freight for the future development prospects in the market profit under pressure, to operate cargo extremely challenging. All-cargo airline is trying to establish partnership with passenger airlines, at the same time operating a mixture of passenger and cargo business airlines are cutting the size of its fleet, and efforts to improve the route network and improve the carrier rate. Freight market recovery opportunity since the global financial crisis in 2008 years of stagnation, air freight market finally in 2017, a sharp rebound. Although the freight volume growth exceeds the cargo and passenger volumes are growing, but the airlines are looking for ways to increase income. Aircraft manufacturer Boeing said in its annual freight forecast, global air cargo from December 2016 to November 2017 increased by 9. 5%, which is the industry since the 2008 financial crisis, the strongest performance. In addition, IATA expects air freight revenue will reach $59. 2 billion in 2018. Than $54. 5 billion in 2017, 8. 6%. In recent years, freight abdominal compartment in the air cargo market share of more and more high. This is a global trend, mainly because of passenger demand is growing faster than demand for goods. As a result, the ventral tank capacity growth faster than the increase of air cargo demand. This reduces the demand for cargo. “ Air freight market growth, driven mainly by aircraft belly space capacity & throughout; Hong Kong's cathay Pacific freight company to South Asia, the Middle East and Africa shipping manager Annad Yedre said. He further added that as of the end of June this year, cathay has received 23 airbus A350 aircraft. To receive more aircraft in the second half of the year, two years later will receive a Boeing 777 - 9 x plane. “ These planes is interesting is that they can deliver the goods. A plane from mumbai, India, for example, can a Boeing 777 carrying 40 tons goods, & throughout; He said. However, the popularity of large widebody freighter did not decline. Have tried to aging Boeing 747 - 400 aircraft into a cargo plane, MD11 cargo has already started to recover. Moreover, since most airlines are reluctant to invest in new cargo aircraft, the Boeing 777 aircraft changer is becoming a good choice, although the conversion cost is very high. In fact, there are reports that Boeing may increase Boeing 747 - 8 freighter and Boeing 777 - 200 cargo aircraft production. Last year, the company will be the Boeing 747 - 8 freighter and reduce the output of the Boeing 777 cargo plane to five a month. Many airlines such as Qatar airways, Lufthansa's aviation freight company and ordered the Boeing 777 - all Nippon airways 200 cargo planes.
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