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Air freight has a unique advantage

by:CNS     2020-07-21
Air freight has the unique advantages of since the plane was born, the rapid development of air cargo has its own unique advantages. Compared with other modes of transportation, air cargo has distinct characteristics. A, fast delivery by air freight transport is used in the aircraft, the aircraft flight speed of about 600 to 800 kilometers per hour, much faster than other vehicles. The train speed is about 100 per hour. From several kilometers to 140 kilometers, the car in 120 km to 140 km highway, and the speed is slow. The characteristics of air freight is suitable for the need of some special goods, such as the seafood such as fresh and live animals and decay of the goods. Due to the nature of the goods itself, this type of goods has a particularly high time requirements, and only by air. In modern society, the enterprise needs to make sensitive response to market changes in a timely manner. Enterprise should not only consider the cost of production, but also consider the time cost cost, the important factors such as order listed products and timely clothing production. Higher profits and so on all need air transport support. Second, the damage rate is low, the ground good safety due to the higher price of air cargo, operation process is more strict than other mode of transportation. Damage is greatly reduced. After the goods loaded into the plane, air transportation is very difficult to cause damage to the goods, the goods damage rate is low, the transport of goods safety. This characteristic makes some goods are not suitable for air transport, such as machinery and equipment and large volume, heavy weight of equipment, but these are some of special damage to the goods, so this limitation causes it only by air transport, to reduce the risk of damage. Three, large space for a limited time span, the plane space span is the largest. Usually, some wide-body aircraft can fly about 7000 km at a time. Fly over the ocean, there is no problem from China to the west coast of the United States. Only 13 hours or so. This for some goods transport is a very big advantage. If it is transported to the sea, for example, usually need to half a month to use ocean. This is not acceptable. Can only use by air transport. In a short period of time to ensure the survival of animals. Four, can save the production enterprises of relevant expenses due to the speed of air transport, can speed up the production enterprise product circulation, thereby saving storage cost, insurance premium and interest expense. On the other hand, the circulation speed of the product. Increasing the turnover of funds can greatly improve the utilization of funds. Five, the freight is relatively high due to the advantages of air freight, the freight is relatively high. From China to the west coast of the United States, for example, air freight price is at least 10 times the price of shipping, so the value of goods is relatively low. On the cargo and requiring less time, usually considering transportation cost, adopt the air freight. Six, limited load because of the limitation of aircraft payload capacity air cargo usually far less than the number of the number of maritime transport. For example, 8747 full freight limited load, maximum load quantity is ll9 tons, compared with the sea. Tens of thousands of tons and more than 100000 tons of load is very different. Seven, vulnerable to weather the plane itself is highly affected by the weather. In the heavy rain, strong winds or bad weather conditions such as fog, unable to effectively guarantee the flights. It has a greater impact on the some aviation goods. Can be seen from the above analysis of the characteristics of air cargo, air cargo has both advantages and disadvantages. It requires agents, give full play to the advantages of air cargo, overcome the disadvantage, to ensure that the role of air cargo in economic development.
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