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Air freight how to change their marketing mode in line with international standards

by:CNS     2020-07-20
Air freight how to change their marketing mode and international air cargo is an important part of modern logistics system. As each airport cargo throughput increased, aviation logistics status appears more prominent. The present situation of the development of China's air cargo, the analysis of the current problem of air cargo in our country, puts forward the corresponding strategy, provide for the development of air cargo in China. In the proportion of air freight in the national comprehensive air system is very low; Passenger and freight development uncoordinated, air cargo's overall growth rate is lower than the passenger; Due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the whole freight airlines operating difficulties; Domestic freight regional development unbalanced contradictory prominent; Cargo airlines international competitiveness is not strong, the proportion of carrying on international routes is on the decline. As a result, is still the benefits of air transport. China's air cargo companies often face for air freight enterprise in our country, the development of the important problems, is looking for strategic partners in the other, set up its own sales network. By two ways: one is through cooperation with local sales strength of airline way, strengthen the return sales; 2 it is through the local looking for a logistics company with strength, enhance the development of the air. If it's with a same airline's competitors to establish cooperation relations, and does not improve sales weak problem, it may actually increase threat to yourself.
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