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Air freight logistics cost is expected to increase 2020!

by:CNS     2020-07-24
Air freight logistics cost is expected to increase 2020! Logistics costs account for a large part of cross-border e-commerce operation cost, the logistics industry of dynamic pull the seller a chord. Recently, DHL international Courier service providers announced that due to the increase in shipping costs, delivery costs will increase since 2020, 4. 9%. In addition, the United States recently announced that it would not quit the upu, but in the future, the United States may still be increased cost to send parcel from other countries/regions. Air cargo logistics industry in 2019: capacity is enough, freight rate drop, route 1. Increased competition, great changes have taken place in freight rates decline this year international trade environment make many sellers can't feel my busy season, logistics as well. This also means that the whole logistics market capacity is relatively abundant, the domestic two, three line cities have opened international flights and charter flights, cause the entire logistics market competition. 2. Route changes tend to be a trade war with China have been fluctuations in emerging markets this year, and also clearly reflected in the cross-border e-commerce industry. Some sellers especially avoid using the route, and choose other airlines. But there are still many of aging demanding sellers, adopting the direct route; Instead will choose in the form of diverted the product shipped to the United States. For example, by South Korea, the Netherlands and other countries and then flied to transport to the United States. Two main trends in 1 of 2020 cross-border logistics. Freight or will rise from the overall trend of the international trade environment, the overall logistics costs will increase next year, but it will be based on supply and demand to determine the air transport market. For example, if the air freight rates raised $2, so logistics company will increase the price. While maintaining the same profit levels. At the same time, many airlines in arrangement can consider more capacity, and focuses on the routes in the United States, Europe and southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea in the emerging markets such as route. 2. Europe or tighten customs clearance policy it's hard to say whether the airport of liege in Belgium and next year will be like this convenient customs clearance. 。 Because many sellers of European VAT id number, the European events, sino-us trade tensions under sellers will be transferred to the European market, China is likely to lead to improve customs clearance threshold in Europe. Sino-us trade friction to continue upgrading, in order to make more money, then Europe tightened customs policy possibility is very large. In a nutshell, cross-border e-commerce logistics will become the next chapter. The operation of the electronic commerce customer as increasingly sophisticated, can meet the demand of customers fine operation of logistics service providers will have greater development. Therefore, the main special channel greater opportunities for logistics service, because private line is in order to meet the product from customer's fine operation.
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