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air freight recovery strengthens – iata

by:CNS     2019-12-13
According to the International Air Transport Association, the number of global air transport markets continued to grow strongly in August as world trade and business activities improved (IATA).
Tons of kilometers by freight (FTKs)
Volume rose by 5.
Compared with August, it was 1% per cent in August 2013.
Capacity growth slowed down 3.
Growth of 4% over the previous year.
This is the second month in a row, after six months, when the volume of goods is strong. 1% year-on-
An annual rise was recorded in July.
The number of airlines reported in all regions has increased, and airlines in the Middle East, North America and Asia reported that 5%-8% range.
In contrast, demand in Europe and Latin America is 1%-1.
Brazil\'s economy is weak and European Union business sanctions against Russia are 5%.
\"The prospects for air freight are clearly improving.
However, there are some limitations to the extent of potential gains, \"said Tony Taylor, director general and CEO of IATA.
\"Demand for air freight is growing more slowly than global economic activity.
Businesses are reported to have more confidence in the future, but the political and economic risk list continues to moderate how that confidence translates into practical activity, \"he explains.
Asia Pacific Airlines grew by 6.
3%, accelerated in recent months.
Trade in emerging Asian economies grew steadily in June and July.
The significant growth in China\'s export orders indicates a growth in demand in the future.
Capacity expansion 4.
European airlines grew 4%. 4%.
Economic activity in the euro area continues to deteriorate, although the latest figures do show a modest choice --
Import and export growth.
Russian sanctions against the EU-
The crisis in Ukraine has also continued to affect demand.
Capacity expansion 4.
8% air cargo volume of North American Airlines has increased five times.
Compared with a year ago, 5%.
Following a weak first quarter and potentially positive economic growth trend, a rebound in business activity will support stronger growth in the coming months. Capacity fell 0.
4% Middle East Airlines reported a 7 increase in goods.
8%, slightly lower than the year-to-
The average date is 9. 6%.
As the Middle East is increasingly linked to developing markets and diversified, it continues to expand aggressively.
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