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Air freight season marketing how to do

by:CNS     2020-07-19
Air freight season how do marketing civil aviation resource net news: August xinjiang traditional air freight market ushered in the peak season. China southern airlines xinjiang branch marketing plan orderly implementation of the bottleneck in the peak season, and adjust freight according to the market situation. China southern airlines xinjiang southern August 1 solstice 8 freight revenue rose by 3. 5%, the yield ratio of 1. 22. The situation of the peak season is better is better. Strong channels, accurate dynamic pulse air freight market. Since the peak season, China southern airlines continue to visit the main agents and the post office, the transport plan in order to understand the customer and competitor freight information, dynamic and timely control the market. On the other hand, it to collect and organize large-scale enterprise in xinjiang, and the potential partners selection. Company to develop and advance the market access plan, strengthen the development of direct customer team. Rely on the intensive marketing channel network to pass the latest market dynamic, marketing decisions for the season to provide the latest information. Push products, keen to capture income opportunities. At home, July to September is the season of fruits and vegetables transportation in xinjiang. China southern airlines freight co. , LTD. Advance investigation the large fruit and vegetable wholesale market, and understand the main source of fruit to xinjiang airport transportation demand, and the amount collected in advance market and traffic information. According to the market information and customer demand, the company designed the fruit special price products, direct eastern direct shipping products in xinjiang, and designed a congested transit products, to ensure that the goods of seasonal income. “ Back to the warehouse & throughout; 。 On the international stage, we will intensify efforts to, to introduce intensive route to international agents and fixed customers. And space booking. We have scheduled flights a week in advance, in order to ensure maximum use of space. At the same time, relying on product design to enhance returns, origin in Islamabad mango return, exclusive of freight is designed. It is understood that the current Islamabad to mango transportation are in the market cultivation period, late is expected to produce a stable income. Heavy services, transport and efficient high-quality goods marketing. Agent in order to provide better, more efficient service, China southern cargo attaches great importance to the professional training, and constantly improve the quality of employees. On the space protection, China southern airlines xinjiang freight carriage of goods by strict enforcement of assurance procedures, according to the transport of goods safety level to ensure the goods with the highest priority and high freight rates. The measures to make all kinds of goods in accordance with their respective transportation plan. Goods finish in time order transport, good luck to your destination. For narrow space flight, China southern airlines has agent according to the performance of the engine room allocation planning, transport of goods for the customer to provide a fair and impartial platform. In addition, China southern airlines cargo know safety is the foundation. It by calling the agent meeting regularly communicate company's security requirements, and establish a safety from the source of agent production line.
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