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Air freight transportation market summary in September

by:CNS     2020-07-18
Air cargo transport market on October 12, summed up in September, the civil aviation development planning department deputy inspector ZQQ told a news conference in October the civil aviation administration, the growth rate of air transport market rebounded slightly in September. The growth rate of passenger and cargo market are improved. , according to data from 1 to 9 months, clinch a deal the industry total 965. 700 million ton-km, year-on-year growth of 7. 7%. Air cargo and mail volume 544. 80000 tons, year-on-year growth of 0. 5%. In September, the total transportation volume 109. 500 million ton-km, year-on-year growth of 8. Growth rate higher than that of last month, 0% 0. 3%. Among them, the domestic routes and international routes, respectively increased by 8. 6% and 6. 8%. Freight market growth rate maintain positive growth, international routes from negative to positive. In September, according to ZQQ, civil aviation finished goods delivery transport 690000 tons, year-on-year growth of 4. 1%. It has been for three consecutive months keep positive growth. Among them, the domestic routes and international routes, respectively increased by 5. 4% and 1. 2%. ZQQ said that by the end of September, a total of 238 national transport airport. Beijing daxing international airport in September, the sichuan ganzi gesar, airport and Beijing nanyuan airport is cancelled. Passenger throughput 1 national airport were done in September. Throughput of 153 100 million passengers, cargo and mail. 98, 30000 tons, take-off and landing. 3 vehicles. Growth 7 respectively. 9%, 1. 6% and 4. 1%. Beijing daxing international airport was put into operation on September 25. On October 10, 1237 flights take off and landing, the passenger throughput of 187000. Director-general of the department of civil aviation airport Liu Chunchen of daxing since international airport was put into the overall operation of the said. Since officially put into operation on September 25, daxing international airport to run the whole maintained good momentum, not unsafe incidents, flights originating ZhengChangLv, travel ZhengChangLv both keep the high level. Liu Chunchen said, according to the airport operation plan, since October 10, China united airlines flight capacity has been restored to 134 classes a day. On October 27, implementation of winter and spring of civil aviation flight plan, other airlines will be formally. Daxing international airport will operate 15 airlines, including 7 domestic companies and eight overseas companies. Average daily for atc will reach 280 flights. In addition, the civil aviation administration flugsicherung, deputy director of literature is said. Daxing international airport flight information of the effective date is on October 10, 2 am, new airport runway involving the main flight procedures, main airspace adjustment and routes. Towards adjusting and mutual effect is enabled. The national total adjustment course 200 article, route 4000 article, formed a new airspace running environment. China's civil aviation usher in the history's largest airspace. At the press conference time, running 61 hours, normal operation.
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