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Air logistics in the process of shipment need to deal with specific details

by:CNS     2020-07-28
Air logistics in the process of shipment need to deal with specific details from around the world to the air transport import and export control is very strict, need to deal with all sorts of multifarious formalities, especially related to health and safety of the goods, also need to pass strict inspection and quarantine, air freight forwarding companies in the process of international air freight logistics shipment need to deal with a lot of details. A. Air freight carriers are basic requirements of the packaging of goods packaging requirements, the goods may not be exposed, and firm, and accord with standard of international transportation. Wooden case is one of the best export cases ( Such as plywood, mixed plate, etc. ) 。 It is best not to made wooden logs, many countries have restrictions on the original wooden cases. Large, overweight ( Gross weight is greater than or equal to 60 kg) , general to play. In order to use forklift. The tray should be on contact with the surface. 2. Security check each shipment must be accompanied by security; 'goods must be accompanied by listing; Chemicals, powder and liquid cargo, including the battery of the goods must be accompanied by relevant certificates ( Airlines proves that the related department to prove, such as MSDS) 。 Hazardous chemicals do not identify, belongs to the dangerous goods, advance notice, file to be complete. Contraband cannot fly, not false. 3. Finally determine the quantity of the goods quantity of the goods before the goods to the airport, best guarantee accurate! This relationship to the transport speed and work at the airport. Usually not accurate, the shipper provide the number of operators to or after the goods sent out as soon as possible once again to carry out the accurate number of the goods. Written number accurate or not affect the air label is valid. Four. Play supporting the outer packing of the goods. When booking, should pay attention to whether piece goods for bulk, Gross weight more than 80 kg, a prajnaparamita piece should play) , or with the airport in advance booking. Five. If the total grades airport warehouse personnel when entering the warehouse can have a level the concept of weight, such as 45 kg, 100 kg, 300 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg, will help to control the freight risk. If the actual weight is beyond the scope of weight at the time of booking class, you must report to the salesman.
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